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Sunday 7 May @ ACMI Cinemas

An afternoon of cinema for youth, exploring human rights.

In 2017, CineSeeds shines a spotlight on indigenous rights and storytelling.

About THE CineSeeds PROGRAM

CineSeeds is the youth component of the Human Rights Arts & Film Festival (HRAFF) program. Two films are chosen for their potential to create awareness and to stimulate discussion amongst young audiences around human rights themes. The films selected are suitable for specific age groups (Junior and Senior), please take note of the recommended age ranges. 

The CineSeeds Ambassador program is the youth leadership platform of HRAFF. It exists to engage young people in promoting awareness around human rights and to build the audience for the CineSeeds film program. 



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Junior audience screening (ages 7 to Adult)

Sunday 7 May 2:45pm ACMI Cinemas 

CAMERON WALLABY as PETE in SATELLITE BOY. A Satellite Films production. Photo by Matt Nettheim _SAC3548 2

Satellite Boy is a story about a young boy, Pete, standing up for what’s right, despite the huge challenge he faces. Living in remote Western Australia with his grandfather, Pete is confronted with the threat of losing his home, an abandoned outdoor cinema, to a mining company who plan on demolishing it. He recruits his best friend Kalmain and makes the journey through the desert to the city to convince the mining company to keep the cinema. A story of adventure, hardship and personal growth, Pete learns that the traditional skills and values passed down from his grandfather are more far-reaching than he could ever have imagined.

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Senior audience screening (ages 12 yrs+) 

Sunday 7 May 2:30pm ACMI Cinemas

ZachsCeremony_05_JPEG SMALLER

Zach’s Ceremony explores the evolution of one boy’s journey to manhood. Captured over ten years, the story explores what it means to be a modern man belonging to the oldest living culture on earth. Living in the inner city, Zach feels as though he is between two worlds – neither white enough to be accepted by his peers, nor black enough to be accepted by his family. Through uncovering the ancient traditions of his family and discovering his place in the modern world, Zach forms his own unique identity.

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Mark your calendars for Sunday, May 7, for an afternoon of film for ages 7-18!

All proceeds from this event go to HRAFF CineSeeds and outreach program.

CineSeeds Committee: Sarah George (Co Chair), Madeline O’Connor (Co Chair), Katie Batzias, Georgie Bruce, Jill Cutchey, Sarah Gorman, Eleneor Nicolay, Kate O’Brien and Lida Rahdon.

For further information about Cineseeds, please email