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An afternoon of cinema for youth, exploring human rights.

Quick link to the Ambassadors Toolkit (digitals resources, trailer etc)  

Welcome to the HRAFF 2017 CineSeeds Ambassador Program!

CineSeeds is a youth leadership platform that shines a light on human rights through film and the arts. This year the CineSeeds festival will take place on the afternoon of Sunday 7th May at ACMI Cinemas.

This year’s CineSeeds Program features two films which spotlight indigenous rights and storytelling.

The CineSeeds Ambassador program invites young people to build a youth audience at HRAFF. The Ambassadors raise awareness around the two CineSeeds films that will screen for two very different age groups.

You can become an Ambassador for one of these films – to guide you on which one, select the age group that applies to you:

Option 1: Junior Ambassador (Junior & Primary School)

Option 2: Senior Ambassador (Senior & High School)

Then follow the link to register and we’ll send you more information:



The role of the CineSeeds Ambassador is to support, represent and promote the event.

There’s many different ways to do this but the idea is to tell all your friends, parents of friends, families and teachers all about it. Ideas may include:

And of course:

There’s no formula Ambassadors have to follow. It’s up to each Ambassador to be as creative as they like.

This is a limited honour, with selected places available.

Human rights are a basic set of rights that every single person in the world is entitled to.

Examples of “hot spot” human rights issues that affect young people today are: bullying, child rights, gender equality, environmental rights, poverty, freedom of speech, racism and disability.

For instance: did you know that an estimated 250 million kids aged 5-14 in developing countries are currently working?

If you would like to make a stand for human rights and promote the awareness and discussion of human rights issues, put your hand up to become an ambassador for this year’s CineSeeds.

We are seeking kids who enjoy being leaders, from a variety of different schools and community groups. To become an Ambassador, Register here

For further enquiries please contact the CineSeeds Coordinator.


  1. Mark your calendars for Sunday, 7th May, for an afternoon of film for ages 7-18!
  2. Buy your tickets now!
  3. Request an ambassador pack to be sent to you by emailing the CineSeeds Coordinator.
  4. Download the digital tools in the CineSeeds Ambassador Toolkit
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