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The True Cost


Andrew Morgan / USA / 2015 / 92 mins / English, Bengali, Creole, Hindi with English subtitles / Documentary

“This documentary makes it clear why cute little dresses for $9.95 really are a ‘steal’…Eye-opening…It will change the way you shop.” – Women’s eNews.


A global documentary, The True Cost investigates the effects of globalised production caused by the rapacious nature of “fast fashion”. Over the last two decades, it has become the world’s second most polluting industry – second only to oil. Worth an exponential $3 trillion dollars, the fast fashion industry operates on an inhumane supply chain with risks carried by the most vulnerable. Having been confronted by the 2013 Rana Plaza collapse in Bangladesh and the implications of such catastrophes, Andrew Morgan has crafted a documentary that exposes the grievous human rights violations apparent in the current system by interviewing those directly affected and others looking to make change from all across the world.


This film has been exempt from classification and is restricted to people over 18 years.

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Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI)


Winner: Jury Prize for Lens To Action – Social Impact Media Awards
Nominated: Best Documentary Film – Environmental Media Awards 2015
Cannes Film Festival 2015
Vancouver International Film Festival 2015


Media & Communications Coordinator from Ethical Clothing Australia, Sigrid McCarthy; creative consultant, researcher and university lecturer, Kate Sala; and CEO and Co-Founder of the Good on You app, Gordon Renouf. Moderated by Nick Mckenzie.

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