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HRAFF would love to work with your school or organisation to organise a film screening. The most enlightening, informative and entertaining films from the festival program (and others outside the festival) are available for screenings in schools and the community as part of HRAFF’s ongoing SAC (Schools and Community) Program.

Access our SAC school information pack here.

Access our SAC community information pack here.

Why hold a film screening?

HRAFF believes in the power of film to create change. It is a wonderful way to highlight the value of difference and diversity and connect individuals with an understanding of social justice issues. It evokes empathy in a way that a lecture or lesson cannot. HRAFF’s SAC program can create a more accepting and compassionate environment which can help foster a stronger and more cohesive human rights culture in Australia.


When to hold a screening:

Aligning with human rights events that occur throughout the year can be an ideal time to screen HRAFF films. Reconciliation Week, Anti-Poverty Week, Elimination of Violence Against Women Day, International Day of Disabled Persons, Human Rights Day, International Migrants Day, International Day Against Homophobia, Senior Citizens Week and many more occur throughout the year.


What kinds of films are available for screenings?

The films we source for our SAC program are world class, some award-winning and are sourced from Australian and international filmmakers. They explore the whole spectrum of human rights issues: indigenous rights, disability, environment, racism, diversity and discrimination, genocide, immigration and refugees, women’s rights, sexuality issues, homelessness and poverty, religion, old age and family.  The films are both from previous HRAFF festivals and also from external sources.

Our catalogue of films vary extensively in length, from 2 to 120 minutes, so an appropriate run-time to suit specific screening needs is possible.

The program is regularly updated to ensure it is relevant and engaging for a variety of age groups.


How to organise a screening:

Please advise your requirements:

  • Whether there is a specific topic you would like addressed
  • Whether the film is required for an event ie. Reconciliation Week, International Women’s Day etc.
  • What length of film you require

HRAFF can then provide you with a tailored list of film titles plus information including length, language, year of production, synopsis and a link to the trailer to meet your brief.


Who should hold a screening?

Anyone can!! HRAFF has successfully worked with local councils, cultural institutions, NGOs, corporate organisations, businesses and schools to present screenings of some incredible human rights films, furthering an understanding of the issues that these films approach.

Community screenings have been held for audiences of 20 – 150 people, sometimes with a small admission fee and often for free, in venues such as cinemas, offices, theatres, community and town halls.


contact us For more information:

Matilda McKenna
Schools & Community Program Coordinator
Office: 03 9629 9944 (Melbourne)